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Future of Secure Remote Work Report

Cybersecurity in the age of remote work

Pre-COVID, only 19% of organizations from our survey had more than half of their workforce working remotely, compared to 62% now. 

Download this exclusive report to find out the challenges and threats companies around the world are facing as they embark on this transition, and how you can leverage these insights to help your organization securely adapt and remain resilient.

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Exclusive Cisco Secure Insights event

We brought together thought leaders to discuss insights from the Future of Secure Remote Work report and recommendations to help businesses future-proof their cybersecurity posture post-pandemic.

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Get our report now for all the insights you need to plan for a secure hybrid workforce that is here to stay.

Future of Secure Remote Work Report

How prepared is your company for a hybrid workforce?

See key insights from our exclusive report, Future of Secure Remote Work

The future of work is dynamic. Cybersecurity must meet the needs of a distributed workforce.

96% of the organisations made changes to their cybersecurity policies to support remote working.

The success of flexible hybrid workforce hinges upon preparation, collaboration and empowerment.

85% of the organisation said the cybersecurity is now extremely important or more important than before Covid-19.

Simpler and more effective cybersecurity is critical to building business resilience.

66% of the respondents indicated that the COVID-19 situation will result in an increase in cybersecurity investments.

This report aims to better understand the challenges that organizations faced in transitioning to remote work, while uncovering the state of their cybersecurity readiness, as well as the shifts in their priorities, policies, and investments as they prepare for a hybrid work environment that is likely here to stay.